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caffeine   Caffeine
Part of the caffeine-inhaling tech scene? Display your potency and flavor...

adrenaline   Adrenaline
Epinephrine acts by increasing the levels of cyclic AMP leading to bronchodilation, stimulation of the heart, and memorable bar fights.

marijuana   Marijuana
Effects include relaxation, euphoria, altered space-time perception, disorientation, and loose women.


For Men, Women, and Junkies of All Ages!
Wear your personal favorite fix on your sleeve...well, actually on your chest! These molecules are both attractive and fashionable. Choose from a variety of vices: Caffeine, Chocolate, LSD, Nicotine, Alcohol, THC, Cocaine, and MORE!

Have a friend with an addiction? Let 'em show their affliction with style!! Molecule Wear™ tees are a GREAT gift idea for your discriminating addict.