Why advertise on Digital Militia?

To be perfectly candid, we like money. In America, our staff can trade money for items such as alcohol, food, tobacco, and firearms. We can even use it to get more slaves...er, staff. Money is like the currency of living. Our goal here is to use you (the middleman) as a tool for the acquisition of even more money. Giving us money is 100% guaranteed to work out for at least one of us.

How does this benefit you?

Way to be selfish! No, really. When you place a custom ad on digitalmilitia.com, it's like saying, "hey thousands of dumb users, look at me!" We respect that type of egotistical bullshit. And guess what? Our visitors are often prone to parting with their money. Dazzle them with pictures of words, skin, drawings, or any combination thereof and watch those CPM stats! Our CTR's are abnormally high because we deal with the lowest form of humanoids (which turn out to be quite susceptible to suggestion).

Digital Militia's staff can custom design creative using the latest in graphic software (thank's to peer to peer sharing software!) and use inspiring Javascript and PHP codes (since our site is written in PHP) to achieve unique attention-getters.

Use the "Contact Us" form and send us your ideas for strategic partnering and co-branding.

We look forward to hearing from you. Or something.

Unrestricted Revenue Model:

DigitalMilitia.com generates enormous profits by taking traffic, turning it into assets, and then selling those assets for a quick profit. In the financial world, this is known as "cooking the books."

Positive Market Conditions:

The market for banner revenue has never been better. In September of 2001, Molecule Wear™ was acquired by Digital Militia LLC, a publicly-traded for-profit corporation based in Philadelphia.


Analysts remain tight-lipped about Molecule Wear's future, but our research indicates a positive flow of cash from our overseas entities. We estimate that by May 2000, Digital Militia will go private, to the tune of an infinity-million dollars per share.