Not only is there an actual molecule called Arsole, but it's also in the shape of a pooploop.

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Arsole, rarely called arsenole, is a cyclic organoarsenic chemical compound of the formula C4H5As. The structure is isoelectronic to that of pyrrole except that an arsenic atom is substituted for the nitrogen atom. This causes the formation to resemble an arsehole, asshole, back door, balloon knot, bang hole, brown eye, brown star, bunghole, butthole, chocolate starfish, coal hole, corn hole, freckle, Gary, growler, ham flower, Hershey Highway, matako, mussy, old dirt road, o-ring, poop chute, pooper, prison purse, puckered brown eye, rusty bullet hole, or turd cutter.

Contrary to popular belief, new research shows that arsoles are only moderately aromatic.