Do you ship internationally?

In a word; Yes.
In two words; Yeah man.
In three words; twelve bucks, bitch.

What are your shipping charges?

Shipping isn't just shipping, it's shipping AND handling. Our flat-rate standard shipping charge to the entire world is $12 (for unlimited items). This covers the cost of pressing your items, packing them in high-performance Tyvek® Envelopes (and other packing materials), and of course, the postage charge itself.

For limited time only, we are offering discounted shipping for the continental United States. If you are part of those 48 Union states, you qualify for a flat-rate shipping and handling charge of only $4.95!

After fierce lobbying on the part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, we are proud to be able to offer residents of Canada flat-rate shipping for only $6.95! (USD) This is a limited time offer, so hurry!

How long will it take before I get my order?

Depending on the time you place your order, the intensive printing process for your shirt(s) will either begin the same day or next day. You can expect to receive your shirt(s) 7-14 business days after you place your order, depending on destination.

Is there any chance you have these in white shirts?

There's always a chance, if you believe in it enough! As long as your spirit has the will and strength to fight, as long as you dare to take a chance, and your heart has the courage to... actually hang on...
No. I was just told no white shirts.

I found an imperfection in my shirt, how do I get this rectified?

If you look closely along the borders of many Navajo weavings, you can see an imperfection put in deliberately. Usually it is a single line of a contrasting color extending out from the center to the textile's edge. This line is called ch'ihónít'i, which is translated into English as "spirit line" or "spirit pathway." In Navajo beliefs, thoughts, desires, and prayers are tangible objects that can have lasting effects on the material world. While weaving, the artist entwines part of her being into her cloth along with the woolen yarns that create the textile's pattern. The ch'ihónít'i allows this trapped part of the weaver's spirit to exit, safely separating her from her weaving and from any harmful thoughts that may come into contact with it as it is used, sold, or exhibited in a museum.

I ordered the wrong size what do I do?

You've got to be kidding me!! Is this the first shirt you ever tried on? We will gladly exchange the shirt you ordered with the size you need. You will have to cover the shipping cost to us and back out again but you will get the shirt that best fits your physique. Click Here to contact us with your dilemma.

Are the names of the molecules anywhere on the shirts?

The issue of putting the names of the molecules on the shirts came up at our very first board meeting. As I gazed upon the sticky floor of that Dairy Queen, deep in thought and kicking around what appeared to be either a diaper dropping or a harmless M&M, I decided that an element of mystery can be a very good thing. Like not revealing the location of our secret board room, for example. We decided that having just the molecule on the shirt made a bolder statement. It also has the potential of creating an instant spiritual connection with any nearby geek or chemist that recognizes the displayed structure. And as for everyone else that wouldn't talk to you otherwise, a wicked-cool conversation piece.

How do I know my personal and payment information is secure?

Payments are collected via a secure server with 128-bit encryption. Furthermore, we will NEVER divulge your name, your address, your phone number, your email address, or ANY other personal information. Period.

I represent a major email marketing company, and would be interested in purchasing your customer database and mailing list. What's your price?

Let's talk!