methane fart molecule shirt

Flatulence is the expulsion of methane through the rectum.




Anal Audio is nothing to be embarrassed about. However, if you find yourself exercising the meat nozzle in polite circles, you may want to refer to your trouser coughs in a way other than as the standard "fart". Please refer to the following list of alternatives:

Bottom Burp, Cuting the Cheese, Guff, Turd Honking, A message from Turd Castle, Trouser Ghost, Heinee Burp, Floating an air biscuit, Phoofs, Poots, Blast, Woofer, Fluff, Stepping on a duck, Mud duck, A prelude to shit, Framping, A message from shit, Thunder from down under, Nature's little surprises, Nature's musical box, There goes a mouse on a motorcycle, Oops! I let Fluffy off the leash, A sneeze from the turtle's head, Tree frog, Panty Burps, Pant stainers, Tooters, Gassius Assius, Bucksnort, Turds slamming on the brakes, Crack splitters, Butt burner, Botty burp, Fecal Fluffies, Anal Airwaves, Shit Slivers, Turd Tooties, Happy Honkers, Barked, Trouser Rippers, Hotties, Disappointments from down under, Natural Gas, Chinese Barking Spiders, Bench Warmer, Shit snore, Bips, Stinkies, The Great Brown Cloud, Rosebuds, Pull my finger, Rat Bark, Ooh, that's a nasty cough, Who opened their lunch box?, S.B.D. Silent but deadly, Exploding turds, Firing Scud Missiles, Blow-Holes, S.A.V. Silent and Violent, Cheesers, Blowing the ol butt trumpet, Shit Siren, Mud crickets, Underthunder, Gravy pants, Shootin' Bunnies, Who stepped on the Duck, Sidewinder, Makin' Beans, Blowing Mud.