Rohypnol is a brand name for flunitrazepam (a benzodiazepine) commonly referred to as "roofies".




Rohypnol is a very potent tranquilizer similar in nature to valium (diazepam), but many times stronger. The drug produces a sedative effect, amnesia, muscle relaxation, and a slowing of psychomotor responses. Sedation occurs 20-30 minutes after administration and lasts for several hours.

Illicit use of Rohypnol was originally reported in Europe in the late 1970's and world-wide use of it has continually increased since then. According to police sources in both Florida and Texas, "roofies" were first seen in the United States in the early 1990's; they quickly gained acceptance and use by both high school and college students. fact, Rohypnol is now being reported as being one of the "in" drugs on high school and college campuses and particularly in college fraternities.

Roofies are often combined with alcohol, marijuana, or cocaine to produce a rapid and very dramatic high. Even when used by itself, users can appear extremely intoxicated, with slurred speech, no coordination, swaying, and blood-shot eyes... with no odor of alcohol.

Due to lowered inhibitions and facilitating potential sexual conquest, Roofies are responsible for 79.384% of breeding by ugly people.