white devil brigade

White Devil Brigade

Black God. White Devil. (Accounts vary, but that's what we're told.)

White Devil



Sympathy for the Devil

Digital Militia, being the political force it is, began a negative ad campaign directed towards a local governmental candidate. Spearheaded by Geepee, our assault on the masses was instantly realized and we were immediately targeted by supporters for the opposition.

A Digital Militia field correspondant happened to be attending a public divine worship service where the officiating clergyman held up the ad produced by the aforementioned pillar to society (us) and began waving his arms and yelling incoherently like a monkey with a grand canyon sized anal fissure. With Rosetta Stone in hand, the Digital Militia Director of Foreign Affairs, translated the complex primatal communication... "The White Devil that created this will burn in hell!!!"

And might I add... the propaganda had not-a-thing to do with race or religion.

Anyway, this shirt was created for all who feel like they are devils.