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You can increase dialup modem connection reliability and performance.

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Top PC Speed tweaks for boosting your RAM, CPU speed, internet connection, modem, cable, DSL, memory and much more.

FREE! Marketscore offers faster surfing at No Cost. Join the 1.5 million people who have already signed up for the Marketscore Internet Accelerator and have received a FREE internet accelerator that allows you to surf the Internet at faster speeds. Enjoy faster Internet speed, at work or at home, with a dial-up connection or a high-speed connection.

SpeedConnect Pro Package
SpeedConnect Pro Package contains two great tools to speed up your internet connection: 1. SpeedConnect - an optimizer for TCP/IP settings for modem Internet connection which will greatly increase the data transfer rate 2. IPexpress - the perfect companion for SpeedConnect which will eliminate the time consuming DNS lookups for getting the IP address of your frequently accessed servers and also has a Hosts Blocker feature (for blocking access to banner and advertise servers). Together those two Internet utilities will dramatically improve your Internet connection. Choose SpeedConnect Pro package and get a FREE copy of Guard!

Xenon Web Lightning
Multi-Award winning Xenon Web Lightning® is a completely unique program that DRAMATICALLY speeds up website download times to pages you visit often. Once you add a site you can close the program and continue to enjoy the great increase in page load times. Nothing is saved in a cache and once a site is added you no longer need the program running, so absolutely no extra memory is needed! You can add either a single site/domain, or all of your Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera bookmarks. A MUST HAVE!

TweakMASTER is easy to use and requires no special computer knowledge. It promotes faster Internet download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking various 'hidden' Windows settings to provide a substantially faster Internet experience. No matter what speed you connect at or what other utilities you may have tried, nothing will provide a FASTER Internet connection for you than TweakMASTER... guaranteed! TweakMASTER can substantially improve your download speeds for all types of connections from dialup to DSL, Cable, and Wireless. Even AOL users will be amazed at how much more responsive their system will be! 

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Do Web Accelerators Work?

Hardware and software solutions let you break the 56-kbps barrier without installing ISDN, DSL, or a cable modem. Just don't expect miracles.

Glenn McDonald
From PC World magazine

Broadband technologies such as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, Integrated Services Digital Network, cable modem, and satellite promise superquick Internet access, lightning-fast downloads, and TV-like multimedia, as well as sunshine, flowers, and world peace. But if these aren't available where you live--or they're just too expensive for you--what are your options?

We examined two alternatives that claim to boost your Web access speed without costing you an arm and a leg. Browser accelerators attempt to turbocharge your Web browser by adding a smarter cache and by trying to anticipate where you'll go next on the Web. Modem bonders, as their name suggests, harness a pair of modems to give you a double-barrel pipe to your Internet service provider.

Of the two approaches, modem bonders yielded better results. At best, they may double your Internet access speed. They didn't do that in our tests, but they did improve the loading speed of a typical Web page markedly--in one case, by 67 percent. These gains come at a cost, however: The modem bonders we looked at require two separate modems and phone lines, and you'll also have to pay for two ISP accounts. Those demands generate cumulative costs that fall in the same range as DSL or even ISDN. (See " Bandwidth on Demand.")

Browser accelerators cost considerably less than modem bonders, because they require no financial investment beyond their modest sticker price; and they work with your existing modem setup. Unfortunately, reports of their efficiency have been greatly exaggerated. We saw far less improvement than we had hoped.


Internet speed and connections

Let's start with the most popular method of connecting to the Internet:  Analog Modems.  The word Modem itself is a combination of two words, modulate and demodulate. A modem is, basically, a device that takes a digital signal and converts or modulates it into an analog signal that another modem can later convert back, or demodulate into digital form again. Analog connections suffer from busy signals, dropped connections and the need to dial up each time, but they are the cheapest type of Internet connection available. The main factor affecting a modem's speed and dependability is the electro-magnetic interference (also called 'static'), caused by various sources of electro-magnetic waves intercepting the phone-lines used to transmit the signal from and to a modem.  These waves could be radio waves or a burst in the sun's activity, but they cause electrical current fluctuation thus forcing the electronics to slow down ('fall back') to lower connection speeds. 

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) operates over conventional phone lines but achieves higher data rates using different electronics and coding schemes.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is one of the iterations of DSL technology, and is an asymmetric technology. That is, the data download and upload speeds are not the equal. With ADSL, for example, a customer may have only 128Kbps of bandwidth for sending data, but may be able to receive data at speeds of 8Mbps. An ASDL is not a dial-up connection and is more expensive, but, it is also a dedicated connection, available for business and is always on.

SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is another derivative of DSL and provides the same fast download and upload of data.

RADSL (Rate adaptive ADSL) is under development and is supposed to carry data at different rates for different prices.

HDSL (High bit-rate DSL) allows a very high speed connection over the basic copper line instead of the fiber line.

IDSL (ISDN DSL) provides ISDN-like speed over copper line, is moderately fast and moderately expensive, and allows business or home users far away from faster lines to benefit from the DSL links. 

Some cable TV companies provide Internet access over the TV cable with the help of Cable modems. This is a relatively inexpensive (now) and fast (with speeds of up to 10 Mbps) option which has become the preferred way for home Internet users to get online. Today, most cable companies charge about US$40 for a cable modem and service. 

Type of Connection  Maximum download 
speed (Kbps)

 Maximum upload 
speed (Kbps)

Best application

Analog 28 Kbps modem 20 - 24 20 - 24 Personal Web surfing
Analog 56 Kbps modem 53 53 Personal Web surfing
IDSL 144 144 Remote locations and offices
HDSL 1,500 1,500 Business
SDSL 1,500 1,500 Business
ADSL 8,000 1,500 Personal Web surfing (available for business) and small business
RADSL 8,000 1,500 Personal Web surfing (available for business) and small business
Cable modem 10,000 - 30,000 128 - 10,000 Personal Web surfing (in general, not available for business)

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). Basically, ISDN is a digital telephone line used for voice, fax, and data communications like a regular telephone line, but  five times faster (or more) than a 28.8Kbps modem. It also allows you to talk on the phone while also sending data to another.

T-1 is a high-speed digital data connection that operates at 1.54Mbps and requires a two-pair (four wire) connection between the telephone company and the customer.

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